Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carmike Cinemas Unveils Exciting “Big D Experience” at Savannah’s Wynnsong 11

Business Wire / Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC), a leading DIGITAL cinema and 3-D motion picture exhibitor, today announced the July 22nd unveiling of its new “BigD” theater at Savannah’s Wynnsong 11 location. “We’re providing the ultimate entertainment experience that centerpieces large format digital with bigger screens, bigger and better sound, plus luxurious in-theater seating for cutting-edge presentation and the definitive enjoyment of our audiences,” stated David Passman, Carmike’s President and CEO.

With the Savannah opening this area is now one of the first in the nation to offer theatergoers the exciting new BigD format launched by Carmike Cinemas, an industry leader in digital projection and 3D technology since 2006. A gala VIP opening will be held this Thursday evening, July 21, honoring over 400 soldiers from the Army’s storied 3rd Infantry Division based at Fort Stewart, along with the USO, Savannah community leaders and media, premiering Paramount’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” - the day before its national release.

Named “BigD,” the totally re-designed new auditorium includes a screen measuring 79 feet wide and over three stories tall, the latest in 7.1 surround sound and Digital projection of both 2-D and 3-D features. In technical terms, Carmike’s BigD DIGITAL experience is powered by a cutting edge Christie Brilliant 3-D flash projector. Images are projected onto a colossal wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen. The end result is a light output of 30,000 lumens, creating a picture quality with noticeably higher resolution than HD.

To further enhance the experience, the custom QSC DIGITAL audio system is tuned to a 7.1 speaker array with 16 channels and the ability to upgrade to 11.1, a revolution in surround sound technology with DIGITAL audio processing supported by quad-amplified, 4-way speakers and six 21-inch subwoofers. In a town that loves superior ‘sound production’ the new configuration at Carmike’s Wynnsong 11 promises a new gold standard in unparalleled picture clarity and deep resonating DIGITAL sound.

The new environment will be further embellished by the comfort of our plush leather high-back rocking seats placed for optimal viewing in a stadium seating configuration.

“The success over the past years of 3-D releases for features like ‘Avatar,’ ‘Cars 2’ and ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon,’ and the record-breaking new ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2,’ proves that audiences are excited about and enjoy the new DIGITAL experience, and are demanding it,” notes David Passman. “These early successes will no doubt persuade producers to release more movies in this format, and with the BigD experience – in either 3-D or 2-D DIGITAL – Carmike has the full capability to provide our audiences with the technology and total luxury that brings theatergoing to a new level.”

Plans for the BigD Experience will include more locations by the end of 2011 including the recently opened Billings, MT, as well as Tyler, TX, Chattanooga, TN, Minneapolis, MN, St. Clairsville, OH and Missoula, MT. “Whether it is a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, patrons will find BigD placing them at the heart of the event,” notes Terrell Mayton, Carmike’s Director of Marketing.

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